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Aadhar institute is started in 28th June 2010. Aadhar is an initiative who shares a common vision of fostering competitive environment in the Region and a common goal of educating and mentoring students for various competitive examinations.  Aadhar began with the aim of imparting to youngsters that vision, that path and that guidance which would lead them to strengthen their Foundation and achieve their dream career and eventually contribute to the nation's progress.
'Imparting education & coaching that excels all standards in the country and prepares young minds to lay a strong foundation towards the attainment of a long term career success ' is the goal which we have set for Aadhar. Going forward Aadhar plans to expand in other spheres of education, inspire more and more number of students and bring interest and positive change towards the betterment of state of basic science among students.

All dreams can come true if we have the courage to strive for them. Aadhar is all about taking the first step and laying the foundation of your dreams to achieve heights you believe you deserve. We believe that a strong foundation in academic subjects is the backbone of any educational endeavour. Strong foundation in science subjects can only be build if students are taught not  just the science subjects but the science behind science and only a teacher with right blend of knowledge, compassion and experience can  teach how to extend one’s imagination and develop strong  reasoning. 

We aim at providing extensive coaching for Engineering, Medical and Research institute Entrance Examinations from our distinguished and highly qualified faculty. With fast changing competitive environment, teaching in the conventional way doesn't suffice to keep up with the new age competition. Our methodology employs various innovative methods involve equal participation from teachers as well as students to let students thoroughly grasp complex concepts and unleash their true potential. 'Tell me and I'll forget; show me, and I may not remember; involve me, and I will understand' is what we at Aadhar Institute practice. With our enriched and diversified experience of  our recently passed students who qualified and got admissions in IIT , NIT , AIIMS IISER , NEST. We conduct sessions periodically so that every student familiarizes himself/herself with all the possible career options and gets benefitted in the long run. We intend to facilitate students in orienting themselves towards their future careers right from the beginning